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The EWGA and Me

I find myself in the enviable position of living a wonderful life. I've recently retired after a very successful career first, as an Registered Nurse, then as an Account Manager for a Fortune 500 medical device company.  As of late, I am now fueling my lifelong passion as a freelance writer, blogger, and more amazingly a sports enthusiast. 
Growing up in Brooklyn, the only group sports I participated in were the neighborhood kids' games of punch ball and stickball.  By the time I entered junior high school all vestiges of sports and physical activity were long forgotten.......forgotten until the day I knocked on the doors of corporate America.  

Women have had an extensive history of trying to break through the proverbial glass ceiling. As we've certainly made strides in the workplace, the boardroom and various golf clubs were still primarily under the domain of  men. As I attended more and more corporate golf outings I realized I was at a strong disadvantage because many of my C-Suite customers were playing golf and I wasn't. I started to take golf lessons in earnest. Year after year I practiced my swing, short game, and becoming more comfortable with the various clubs in my bag.  I even played on a golf course once or twice a year for twenty or so years but oh what an embarrassment! I was like the Ever Ready Battery, never giving up, traveling in my own circuitous space, never advancing but thankfully I kept on trying. 
All that changed the day I met an EWGA golfer at a trade golf outing.

"Where did you learn to play golf like that?" I asked, incredulously, as I witnessed her amazing tee shot. "The EWGA" she proudly stated.  She was truly an EWGA ambassador as she enumerated all of the benefits of becoming part of this wonderful.  I was so excited by the thought of joining such an organization once I realized that I would be able to play with a group of women, who were at my skill level, on a consistent basis. I was still somewhat hesitant to join so another year rolled by until I took the plunge that literally changed my life.

The EWGA, an acronym for the Executive Women's Golf Association, is an international organization of women golfers committed to advancing the game of golf for women and girls, who come together to connect, learn and play the game of golf for business and for fun.  Yes, this organization was definitely for me!  

I joined the EWGA in 2010 and from that very first season I've met the most congenial, kind, patient and encouraging women golfers.  A missed shot is met by "that's alright, next shot will be better" responses.  A ball hiding in plain sight has 4 pairs of eyes searching for it fervently as we are all anxious not to incur a penalty due to a lost ball.
That first year, my all to frequent whiffs in the air were a common occurrence but the embarrassment I would have normally felt if I was not in the EWGA was mitigated because we were all newbies and as newbies no one was immuned to those misses.

With each passing year, the whiffs became fewer and fewer and by year seven they've become a less frequent happenstance.  The most important benefit of my EWGA membership, besides playing the game of golf, is the extraordinary women I've met who've become lifelong friends.

If you love the game of golf and would like to meet like minded women, become a better golfer through EWGA sponsored education, clinics, tournaments and league play, then the EWGA is for you!

Laura Beltran
EWGA Long Island Chapter Member


The EWGA Long Island Chapter, in partnership with New York Golfing Magazine, will once again extend a wonderful promotion to our members. For a discounted cost of a one year subscription to New York Golfing Magazine, subscribers will receive a certificate to "FREE GREENS FEES" at many of Long Islands fabulous golf courses, the COST OF A GOLF CART IF NEEDED IS ADDITIONAL. (CALL 516-822-5446 FOR DETAILS)

To take advantage of this offer call ASAP, let them know you are an EWGA Member, request your subscription and golf certificate for free greens fees.

Again, call New York Golfing Magazine today at 516-822-5446. All inquiries must be made to them.

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While enjoying this season, let's look back on last season. Here are photos, courtesy of Laura Ewall and Bobbie Turner, from the 2016 End of League Season Dinner held in October.


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